Nightshade by Andrea Cremer | Book Review

Nightshade, Andrea Cremer, Review
Nightshade, Andrea CremerNightshade by Andrea Cremer
US Release Date: October 19th 2010
Publisher: Philomel

Series: Nightshade #1
Source: Purchased

Hardcover, 452 pages
Three Stars, Rating

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Calla Tor has always known her destiny: After graduating from the Mountain School, she’ll be the mate of sexy alpha wolf Ren Laroche and fight with him, side by side, ruling their pack and guarding sacred sites for the Keepers. But when she violates her masters’ laws by saving a beautiful human boy out for a hike, Calla begins to question her fate, her existence, and the very essence of the world she has known. By following her heart, she might lose everything- including her own life. Is forbidden love worth the ultimate sacrifice?

Summary from Penguin Group


Calla Tor is a young Guardian of the Nightshade pack. As the alpha of the pack, she always knew one day she would have to mate with the alpha from the other pack, Ren Laroche from the Bane pack, to form a new pack and continue to protect Vail’s sacred sites for the Keepers. One day on patrol, she encounters a human boy being attacked by a bear. Against the pack laws, she saves his life and in the process reveals to him the existence of werewolves. But when she sees him at school as a transfer student the next day, she knows everything will change.

Love triangles everywhere

A love triangle, again. I love it! We have on one side Ren, the handsome alpha male, and on the other side Shay, the beautiful human boy. Who wouldn’t want to be in Calla’s position and have these two guys after her? I loved the contrast of the two relationships, how with Shay it was sweet and with Ren more intense and physical. They each have something different to offer to Calla. I think I’m team Ren, but I’m not sure yet. I found Calla and Ren to have the same passion and they understand each other because of their position in the pack. And he’s the “bad boy”.

Great characters

Andrea Cremer did a great job with her characters. First of all, I liked Calla. I think she’s a strong and very loyal heroine. She knows what she wants and she doesn’t let anyone tell her what to do. She wants to do her own choices. She’s strong enough to tell the handsome and sexy male alpha Ren that she’s not one to share with other girls. She also wants to be his equal in leading the pack. She was a bit egoist by moments, but I really enjoyed the book anyway. Ren, Shay, Ansel, Bryn… I also cared for all these characters.

Lack of information

I was around page 100 and there wasn’t any explications about Keepers, Guardians, Searchers, etc. yet. Luckily, it was easy to understand without these information in the beginning but I think the author should have introduce a little bit of information in the beginning.

An amazing cover for a good book

The book cover (the hardcover one, not the paperback) is just incredibly gorgeous. I love the purple color and the calla lilies at the bottom. I remember being totally in love with this cover when it came out. Overall, the book was good and makes me want to read Wolfsbane but something was missing for me to make it four stars. Maybe because the main focus seemed to be the romance and it’s not enough for me.

First Line

I’d always welcomed war, but in battle my passion rose unbidden.”

Book Trailer

Nightshade Series
Nightshade Series, Andrea Cremer

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Nightshade Series, Andrea Cremer


Author’s Info:
Andrea CremerAndrea Cremer spent her childhood daydreaming while roaming the forests and lakeshores of Northern Wisconsin. She now lives in Minnesota, but she thinks of her homeland as the “Canadian Shield” rather than the Midwest.

Andrea has always loved writing and has never stopped writing, but she only recently plunged into the deep end of the pool that is professional writing. When she’s not writing, Andrea teaches history at a very nice liberal arts college in St. Paul.

In the little spare time she can find, Andrea stares up at trees, rescues infant rabbits from predatory cats, and invents names for pug puppies with her husband. She has an unfortunate tendency to spill things—white carpets beware! From Penguin Group.

For more info on Andrea Cremer, visit her sites:
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