Welcome to The Smell of Books

Stack of books, BooksHi, welcome to my first blog The Smell of Books.

Who doesn’t love the smell of a book? Certainly not a book lover! I can say I am one and this is why I wanted to start this blog for a long time, but never did it until now. I was the teen that loved to read when almost everybody around hated it. I am the one that stays two hours in a bookstore just because there’s too much choice and I can’t decide between the ten novels I have in my hands. I am also the one we ask for book recommendations. This is why I start this blog today: I want to share my love of books with people that love them as much as I do, share what I think about them and maybe make someone add a new book on their reading list.

This blog will be mostly about the YA genre because this is what I love to read. Reviews, cover reveals, updates, contests, memes … You will find all that here. So thanks for reading, I hope you will enjoy what’s coming in the next weeks, months, years!

I almost forgot to mention my mother tongue is French (Quebec!), not English. I’ll try my best to correct my texts the best I can so there’s no mistake left, but if it happens, feel free to correct me =)



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